Steve Vick

Steve Vick International was founded in 1981 by the current chairman, Steve Vick, who saw an opportunity to develop ways of safely sealing off gas mains and services using expanding foam technology under ‘no gas’ conditions.

Since its foundation the company has been at the forefront in developing and manufacturing products and techniques for the trenchless repair, renovation and decommissioning of pipes.



Live Mains Insertion is similar to normal insertion of new polyethylene (PE) pipe into an old low pressure cast iron main with one major benefit. By using a special gland box, the old main is kept live throughout the insertion process and the new PE is gassed up to maintain gas supplies to customers. Once insertion is complete, the main is still kept live to supply customers via the annular space until it is operationally convenient to transfer the services to the new PE main.

Literally thousands of miles of gas mains around the world have been inserted live since the technique was introduced in the 1980s.

Live Main Insertion










  • Cost savings of up to 14% compared with dead insertion
  • Services can be transferred in line with labour & customer availability
  • Minimum time off gas for consumers
  • Only one purge and re-light per customer
  • Minimum excavation open at any one time
  • Minimum impact on the environment
  • Low capital equipment cost
  • Products meet GIS/E58 and GIS/LC14 Specifications


Utility Products

Pipe Handlers

In 2009, Steve Vick International launched the Pipe Handler, a tool which attaches to the arm of an excavator to manoeuvre pipe on site and insert PE into an old main.The current models available can handle diameters of 250mm up to 630mm PE pipe with smaller and larger sizes in progress.

Benefits of using Steve Vick International Pipe Handlers

  • Safer alternative to using an excavator bucket and sling to insert PE pipe
  • Avoids the need for operators to work in the trench
  • Fast – typical insertion speeds of 5-10metres per minute – capable of inserting long lengths of pipe
  • One stage set up for entire insertion operation
  • Simple – no need for anchoring pins
  • Swivel head allows pipe to be positioned ready for insertion




-Pipe Trailers

Around 3,000 of our pipe coil trailers have now been sold throughout the world, evidence of their effectiveness and efficiency in assisting pipe laying activities.

Safety considerations are paramount in the design of our trailers. The coil is restrained within a steel cage whilst the two ends of PE are secured. The central drum design ensures smooth dispensing.

Pipe Coil Trailers PDF



-Pipe Crackers

Breaking out redundant or inserted cast iron mains has always been risky as operators use a variety of hand-held tools, which are labour intensive and associated with hazards to the workforce and even to passers-by.

Steve Vick have a range of Pipe Crackers which include the Macaw and latest model ” The Crackerjack™”.

Benefits of using a Steve Vick International Pipe Cracker

  • Safer and faster than using a ‘podger bar’ or sledge hammer
  • Does not require access around the whole circumference of the pipe
  • Controlled pressure applied – suitable on abandoned and inserted mains, without damaging internal PE
  • Easy to operate – highly manoeuvrable
  • Various power source options available to accomadate site conditions
  • Quick set up
  • Ideal for use with Live Mains insertion


The Crackerjack™ is operated from a standard site compressor via an air over hydraulic pump which delivers 700 bar of hydraulic pressure, plenty of power to crack cast and spun iron mains up to 6” in diameter in a couple of minutes. Crackerjack Pipe Cracker PDF




The Macaw attaches to the quick-hitch or bucket pins of a mini excavator. Controlled from the cab, and using the excavator’s hydraulic power, the operative manoeuvres the arms around the pipe and then applies sufficient pressure to crack the pipe. The MACAW may be used on cast iron pipes inserted with PE if required. Pipe Cracker PDF





-Pipe Cutters

Rapid Window Cutter: Ductile iron is notoriously problematic because it cannot be broken out like cast iron. The Rapid Window Cutter solves this problem.

It is a hand held tool designed for precise, fast cutting of windows in abandoned or inserted ductile mains, without damaging the previously inserted PE.

Easy to operate, the cutter simply connects to the onsite compressor.

Rapid Window Cutter PDF



Rapid Roatary Cutter: Steve Vick International offers a solution to the problems associated with making circumferential cuts in ductile iron with the Rapid Rotary Cutter.

The Rapid Rotary Cutter is an air powered tool designed to circumferentially cut ductile iron mains. It can cut a 4″ ductile iron main in approximately 2 minutes without damaging internal pipes and allowing immediate access

Rapid Rotary Cutter PDF




Keel Cutter: Keel Cutters PDF

In the Gas industry, Keel Cutters are an essential tool when carrying out alterations and diversions – any instance where a circumferential cut is required on a main whether or not it has already been inserted with PE.When fitted on the main, minimum clearance is required to allow the blade to track around the pipe delivering a clean circumferential cut in minutes. The Keel Cutters can cut steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic, cement and other types of pipe up to 1500mm diameter.



-Flow Stopping


The major advantage of using FOAMBAG™ over conventional flow stopping bags is that far less pipe needs to be exposed resulting in considerably smaller excavations and reduced reinstatement costs. FOAMBAG™ has become an industry standard technique in the UK and has been used in many areas overseas including mainland Europe, the USA, Scandinavia and the Far East.

The technique works by inserting a semi-porous bag into the pipe to hold the foam in place as it expands. At full expansion, some of the foam seeps through the semi-porous material to adhere to the pipe wall




Provides a ‘no gas’ method of flow stopping, for small diameter pipes of 3/4″ to 2”, running at low pressures.

Rapid Service Isolator PDF




Mini Purge Ejector

Our Mini Purge Ejector is designed as an alternative to the large purge ejectors which have been in use since the mid 1980s.

It works on the same Venturi principle but is lighter and easier to handle. Designed for use on mains from 3” to 12” in diameter, it ensures an efficient purge of gas mains to be abandoned.

Mini Purge Ejector PDF