Recanati Europe SRL – Steel to PE Transition Fittings

Recanati Europe srl is an Italian company that produces metal-plastic fittings, polyethylene valves and manifolds for pipelines. The high quality Recanati Europe srl fittings provide the transition piece from steel pipe to polyethylene pipe. These steel to PE transition fittings are regularly used in natural gas pipeline construction and new services. This steel to PE transition fitting can be supplied with or without the use of flanges and this can often reduce or remove the need for buried flanges.


The flagship product is represented by the PE to metal transition fittings, available in:

  • PE/carbon steel
  • PE/stainless steel
  • PE/copper
  • PE/brass
  • PE/cast iron
  • The diameters range starts from Ø 20mm up to Ø 1200mm.

Recanati Europe srl also manufactures:

  • Manifolds (collectors) in polyethylene and steel for gas, water and geothermal pipelines
  • Special ball and butterfly valves with anti-corrosive PE fittings

Recanati Roll Groove - Victaulic Steel to PE Fittings

A further addition to the range of Steel to PE Transition Fittings available from Recanati Europe srl is the victaulic / roll-groove end transition fittings.

With support from Recanati Europe srl; and PipeServ can provide technical advice and recommendations for your project.