Pipeline Repair – Pipeline Replacement – Pipeline Tie-In

Pipeline RepairsOver the lifetime of your pipeline asset, deterioration and unplanned equipment failure require quality maintenance and pipeline repair solutions. To ensure pipelines are returned to safe working condition, PipeServ offers the supply and installation of highly specialised products.

With a focus on minimising costly downtime and increasing asset reliability, PipeServ skilled technicians repair defective pipelines using the best methods and products available.

With in-depth product knowledge and technical expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored solution to solve a range of pipeline problems including leaks or wall loss defects.

Clock Spring

PipeServ has partnered with Clock Spring Company to provide and install trusted products for the repair of pipeline defects and deterioration. Under the management of Geoff Gardiner, PipeServ offers over 12 years’ experience working with the Clock Spring products.

Clock Spring repairs are fast, economical and efficient, ensuring the pipe is returned to safe working condition with no costly down time. With support of the Clock Spring Company, PipeServ offers ongoing advice and support throughout the lifetime of your product.


The inclusion of Lokring Fittings allows us another method to repair or replace damaged pipelines 4” and smaller. Lokring pipe fittings provide leak free connections for gas and liquid services. By using Lokring fittings; a section of pipe can be replaced with new and completed without welding and hot works permits.

Lokring tamper proof fittings and designed as a permanent joint or pipeline coupling. As these fittings require no hot work; this removes the need for purging, flushing, NDT and cuts installation times down to 1-2 hours.

Pipe Repair Sleeves

PipeServ has included steel pipeline repair sleeves to their range of products and services; offering the supply and/or supply & installation of steel repair sleeves for pipelines.
Offering the complete range of steel sleeves:
Type A Steel Sleeves
Type B Steel Sleeves
Epoxy Filled Type B Steel Sleeves
The above range of steel sleeves will allow for the repair to all forms of pipeline defects, wall losses, dents, leaks, third party incidents and anomalies.

Flange Test Plugs and Isolation Plugs

Safe, effective solutions for rapid testing and repairs

PipeServ offers a complete line of Hydrostatic Test and Isolation Plugs for pressure testing of pipe, pipelines and pressure vessels.
* Test Open End Pipes, Pipelines, Tubes and Pressure Vessels
* Flange Test Plugs.
* Isolation Plugs.
Test plugs provide safe and effective testing at working pressures up to 15,000 psi (1034 Bar). Pipe OD and ID sealing versions available.
Isolation plugs are designed for quickly isolating and hydrostatically testing weld joints of any welded flange-to-pipe connection as well as isolating pipe ends during cutting, grinding and welding operations.
Also available are hydrostatic test pumps, ideal for use with our entire range of pressure test plugs.

Hot Tapping and Plugging

Hot tapping (under pressure drilling) is a method of connecting to an existing pipeline without the need to de-pressure and drain the pipeline. Hot Tapping and Plugging allows for temporary shut-off of flow in the pipeline to allow for repair or tie-in of new services.

Hot tapping and plugging services can greatly reduce the cost associated with pipeline shut-in, draining and purging when required for repair or tie-in. PipeServ uses Ravetti equipment to perform hot tapping and plugging services on gas pipelines, water systems, district heating and oil pipelines. The highly flexible products allow for service to be performed on a range of pipes including steel, stainless steel or polyethylene pipes.

We work with you to suggest the best possible technical solution. This includes the design and product manufacture, as well as construction, repair and maintenance works. Using specialised Ravetti Hot Tapping equipment, PipeServ is able to perform hot tapping applications at the work-site using experienced technicians. PipeServ has the ability to consolidate all services including, fabrication and hydro-testing, welding, NDT, hot tapping and pipe coating, resulting in cost savings for your business.