Lokring Technologies

Pipe and Tube Fittings
Lokring fittings provide a permanent repair to piping and tubing, without the need for welding and hot work permits. You now have the ability to fabricate  and install or cut-out and replace ¼” - 4” piping without having to flush, purge, inspect welds and many other hot work issues.
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Curtiss Wright EST Groups

Heat exchanger tooling
The Heat Exchanger range encompasses the Pop-A-Plugs which are the industry leading technology for sealing leaking heat  exchanger and condenser tubes (cited in ASME PCC 2 as a best practice when plugging heat exchanger tubes).
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Curtiss Wright EST Groups

Range of hydrotest and isolation plugs
Curtiss Wright EST Group's range of test plugs includes GripTight High Pressure test plugs for open ended pipe, GripTight Isolation for a Double Block and Bleed Isolation when performing hotwork and Flange Testers for testing the weld integrity with a few litres of water.
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Clock Spring/NRI

Permanent composite repairs
ClockSpring|NRI is the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary Composite Pipeline Repair solutions. The recent merger of Clock Spring and NRI companies provides PipeServ access to the full suite of highly engineered composite repair, rehabilitation, and construction solutions for critical infrastructure.
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RAM-100 International

Steel reinforcement sleeves
Ramfill steel sleeves are designed and engineered to be a permanent repair of pipeline defects or damage. These pipeline defects include internal and external corrosion, wall loss, dents and third party damage.
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Steve Vick

Gas Main Repairs and Flow Stopping Technologies
Steve Vick develops and manufactures products and techniques for the trenchless repair,renovation and decommissioning of pipes.
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Transition fittings for polyethylene pipe
The Recanati Europe SRL fitting is a high quality transition piece from polyethylene pipe to carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper, brass or cast iron pipes.
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RAVETTI Hot Tap Equipment

Hot tap equipment for steel and PE
Ravetti is a manufacturer of high quality hot tapping, plugging and bagging equipment for steel, cast and HDPE pipelines.
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A proven global solution for on-stream pipe inspection and remediation programs
Ovolifts has a unique and patented technology developed in conjunction with the petro-chemical industry for providing safe access to multiple pipe touchpoints in live environments..
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Rapid Response Clamp
The world's fastest way to repair damaged pipelines and shut down leaking pipes
All clamps are available in both Nitrile and High performance VITON
Sizes from 38mm to 930mm (larger available on request)
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Pipeline Repairs - Pipeline Replacement
Over the lifetime of your pipeline asset, deterioration and unplanned equipment failure require quality maintenance and pipeline repair solutions. To ensure pipelines are returned to safe working condition, PipeServ offers the supply and installation of highly specialised products.

Heat Exchanger Leak Testing and Repair
To ensure Heat Exchangers are returned to safe working conditions PipeServ offers the supply and installation of highly specialised products to repair heat exchanger tubes. With a focus on minimising costly downtime and increasing asset reliability, PipeServ skilled technicians can train site personal or carry out leak testing and repairs to the various types of Heat Exchangers including:

Technical Support - Gas Pipeline - Oil Pipeline - Water Pipelines
Through developed relationships with international suppliers, PipeServ offers guidance and support for the installation of products and can assist with meeting the Australian Standards. Understanding the Australian Standards, we work closely with the international manufacturers to ensure the product delivered not only meets with customer approval, but also that of the industry.

Product Procurement - Pipeline Supplies
With an Australian based warehouse, PipeServ creates best value for customers by monitoring stock and usage so as to re-order and allow for ongoing supply services. PipeServ will endeavour to warehouse and maintain stock levels so that delivery is within days from receipt of your order.