Envirocage – Pipe and Vessel Insulation for Personnel Protection

EnvirocageEnvirocage is patented technology by Obetego, LLC, as an alternative to glass fiber and mineral wool type insulation for personnel protection. Envirocage can help your facilities perform more efficiently, increase safety and reduce operating costs. In most industrial manufacturing and petrochemical plants, there is a large number of pipes and equipment operating at medium to high temperatures. To comply with industry codes and standards, thermal insulation is generally installed on metallic equipment and piping operating at 50°C or higher, for personnel protection.

It is the moisture or water infiltrating this insulation that is the main cause of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Once moisture gets under the external protective cover, most types of insulation properties then turn to a wicking function that hold moisture and water on the pipe surface allowing the corrosion to continue unnoticed. This is the perfect condition for advanced accelerated localized corrosion which has the potential to cause a leak and to a lead to fires, explosions, environmental releases and potential injury or death. Envirocage requires no insulation and completely eliminates corrosion under insulation.

These same industry codes and standards derive inspection requirements detailing the frequency of inspection for certain types of systems. The most common inspection types being visual and ultrasonic thickness (UT) readings. These readings generally require the insulation to be removed and re-installed after the inspection is completed. With Envirocage, a complete visual inspection is possible and UT thickness readings are much easier.

Envirocage system is designed to ensure the surface temperature remains within your standards. This patented system simply installs a conductive heat dissipater on to the hot surface and installs a protective cage at a calculated periphery distance, the combination of conductive, convective and radiant heat ensures it will not reach an unsafe temperature. Envirocage from ObetegpEnvirocage