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PE Pipe SqueezePipeServ has the experience that enables us to assist with a range of pipeline tools and equipment used by pipeline construction companies, pipeline operators and pipeline maintenance crews. PipeServ takes great pride in providing quality products and service to our many customers. The following manufacturers and products are an example of how we can assist you with pipeline supplies, tools & equipment. You know what you want but can’t find it; then give PipeServ a call and ask how we can help.

Footage Tools Inc.

Footage Tools Inc. a Canadian based company, manufacturing PE Pipe Squeeze-Off Tools. The quality engineered pipe squeeze products are used in the emergency repair or installation of gas network pipelines. The high quality design and engineering of Footage Tools provide you with a light-weight, yet robust tool compared to the old jack-type squeeze tools.

Footage Tools offer both manual and hydraulic model squeeze tools. The manual squeeze tools are available from ½” to 6” and the hydraulic squeeze tools will suit from 1” to 12” polyethylene pipelines. The Footage Tool range has expanded to include squeeze tools for steel pipelines. The request for this tool came from gas companies with a need for emergency shut-off on steel risers.

Steve Vick International.

Steve Vick International is dedicated to providing the most cost effective trenchless pipe repair and replacement and decommissioning techniques available for the repair and renovation of underground gas distribution pipes. Since its foundation in 1981, Steve Vick International has been at the leading edge of trenchless techniques for the repair and renovation of underground gas distribution pipes. They are major suppliers to the gas distribution networks and many of their techniques have become accepted practice in the industry.

The majority of techniques are based on the use of expanding resin foams which are formulated for specific tasks. As the dual pressures of cost and environmental implications of open trenching increase, pipe insertion is becoming the preferred method of meeting renewal targets. Our resin foam sealant products and associated equipment are key to many of the insertion methods used. Our Pipe Handling Equipment range consists of Pipe Coil Trailers, Pipe Pushing Machines and a new range of digger attachments including Pipe Handlers and MACAW pipe crackers.


Gearench Manufacturing Company was founded in Houston, Texas in 1927. They have grown from the original hand tool (the Gearench) to now include over 40 product lines of pipe fitter tools. PipeServ can assist with all pipe fitters / pipeline operators’ tools such as Flange Lifter, Flange Spreaders, Flange Alignment Pins, Valve Wheel Wrenches, Site Glasses & much more.

Goldak Inc.

Goldak has continually striven to provide innovative underground locating equipment. Goldak continues to build on its long history with an unwavering commitment to innovate new, state of the art products to serve an ever growing locating industry. The high quality, high performance, reliability, durability, accuracy, simplicity, and affordability is why Goldak will be a leading manufacturer of Pipe and Cable Location Equipment for years to come.

It is not by accident that Goldak has thrived for almost three quarters of a century. Contact PipeServ for all Pipe & Cable Locators, Water Leak Locators and Valve & Metal Locators and learn how we can improve your locating capabilities!

Wask Equipment.

Wask was founded in the UK in 1888 and manufactures specialist fittings & bagging equipment (pipe stopping) for the gas and water Industries. Wask equipment has gained a reputation in Australia as a leader in safe and cost effective solutions in pipe stopping / bag-off technology. Wask equipment such as Teeset drill pipe machine, Bagpipe gas bagging equipment has been standard in the Australian gas pipeline industry for many years.

PipeServ are also pleased to assist with:

  • Pipe cutting tools.
  • Holiday/Spark Testers
  • High pressure pipe test plugs.
  • PE pipeline insertion equipment.
  • MIJ – Monolithic Insulation Joints.
  • Pipeline casing insulators/thinsulators and end seals.

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