RAM-100 International – Steel Repair Sleeves

PipeServ now offer the RAM-100 International Steel Repair Sleeves & services in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

Girth Weld Repair SleevesType B Sleeves - Epoxy FilledSteel Repair Sleeves

RAM-100 International, LLC was established to serve the Oil & Gas Industry providing solutions for the repair to pipeline defects and corrosion problems. RAMFILL steel reinforcement sleeves are designed per AS2885/API/ANSI/ASME standards and are easy and quick to install on pipelines in operation, with or without welding to the pipeline.

Our products include:

  • Steel repair sleeves for gas or liquid pipelines. These include “Type A Sleeves”, “Type B Sleeves”, “Epoxy Filled Steel Repair Sleeves” & “Composite Sleeves”.
  • Special design and manufacturing of steel reinforcement sleeves for pipelines, including to repair or replace clamps and accessories, with or without leaks, cracks, dents, illegal taps, or other integrity defects.
  • Coatings for mechanical and anti-corrosive protection for superficial, underground, and marine pipelines, and for any surface requiring protection against corrosion.

The RAMFILL Repair Sleeve provided full encapsulation repair and is rated to the pipeline design pressures and temperatures as specified by the client. The epoxy filler is multi-purpose; providing for corrosion protection, leak sealing and for load transfer of pipeline to sleeve. Once installed, the RAMFILL repair sleeve restores safety of operation to the pipeline in the area where the welding is reinforced by restoring the stress resistance to equal or higher values of the original conditions of the pipeline. This repair is permanent, completed on-line with no loss of production.


RAMFILL-RS PDF – Reinforcement of weld deficiencies
RAMFILL-MC PDF – Type A and Type B steel reinforcement sleeves
RAMFILL-B+RE PDF – Special reinforcement sleeves
RAMFILL PLUS NM PDF – Composite repair system
RAM-100 PDF – Anti-corrosion coatings



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