Ravetti – Hot Tapping Steel & Polyethylene Pipeline

Founded in 1972, Ravetti is a manufacturer of high quality hot tapping and plugging equipment for pipelines worldwide. Through a long standing relationship with Ravetti company; PipeServ distributes and services Ravetti equipment and fittings to service natural gas, oil and water pipelines across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Ravetti ® Hot Tapping and Plugging equipment is designed for steel and polyethylene pipelines. These pipelines can carry gas or liquid products and Ravetti equipment can provide a safe and economical solution for pipe drilling, hot tapping and plugging. Ravetti ® offer a full range of flow stop equipment able to meet all the the market’s requirements. Starting from the well known Stop/System ® technology, our range of equipment has grown over recent years and now include equipment for different pipe sizes, materials and pressure ratings thus enabling to use this technology in new fields where it had never been applied before. The current range of flow stop equipment is suitable to pipes from ND 1/2” to ND 24”, with different ratings up to 80 bar and 130 °C max operating temperature.

Ravetti ® also have the capability, flexibility and know-how to design and manufacture custom made machines based on the customer’s specific needs.

Ravetti equipment for the hot tapping and plugging of polyethylene gas pipeline operating up to 10 Bar; with PE fittings being rated 10 Bar and the Ravetti equipment being rated 12 Bar. This equipment is currently available to suit 63 – 315 pipe and this will soon extend to 400mm PE pipelines.

PipeServ can provide hot tapping equipment, fittings and services (see PipeServ Services); performed by experienced technicians using trusted Ravetti equipment.

PE Hot Tapping and Plugging at 10 Bar







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