PipeServ and Ravetti S.r.l. was pleased to supply the Ravetti MiniStop Hot Tapping and Plugging equipment to the Australian Gas Industry. The Ravetti MiniStop is designed for Hot Tapping and Plugging of medium pressure gas piping systems up to 12 Bar. The equipment is suitable for 3/4″ – 2″ pipe sizes and ideal for both gas and liquid pipelines. This single tool kit is used to hot tap drill live pipelines and the to stop / stopple the flow of product in the pipeline. Hot tapping and plugging allows for the safe work on live pipelines. often used to conduct maintenance of pipelines (cut-out and repair, install new valves, install branch lines, etc).

PipeServ and Ravetti S.r.l. can assist your company with hot tapping and plugging of most pipelines.

This is just one of the many tapping and plugging tools available from Ravetti for both steel and polyethylene pipelines.

Ravetti MiniStop