RAMFILL SLEEVEPipeline Repair Sleeves (welded) are now available in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand from PipeServ. Having recently visited the manufacturing facility in Mexico, and completed the required training, we are able to assist in the supply and installation of all forms of pipeline steel repair sleeves.

Pending the pipeline defect or repair required; RAM-100 can offer RAMFILL “Type-A Sleeves”, “Type-B Sleeves” and “Type-B Epoxy Filled Steel Sleeves”. Another version of the above is the RAMFILL-RS reinforcement sleeve for weld defects. Offering fast, safe and permanent repairs to pipeline defects (pipe wall loss or weld deficiencies); PipeServ has the solution. The RAMFILL Sleeves have been installed onshore, offshore and sub-sea; PipeServ can assist with your pipeline repairs.