Lokring fittings provide a permanent repair to piping and
tubing, without the need for welding and hot work
permits. You now have the ability to fabricate and install or
cut-out and replace ¼” – 4” piping without having to flush,
purge, inspect welds and many other hot work issues.
Lokring fittings are qualified to ASME, Lloyd’s Register, API,
ABS and comply with AS 2885.

Curtiss Wright EST Groups Heat Exchanger Tooling

The Heat Exchanger range encompasses the Pop-A-Plugs
which are the industry leading technology for sealing
leaking heat exchanger and condenser tubes (cited in
ASME PCC 2 as a best practice when plugging heat
exchanger tubes).

Curtiss Wright EST Groups Range Of HydroTest and Isolation Plugs

Curtiss Wright EST Group’s range
of test plugs includes GripTight High Pressure test plugs for open ended pipe, GripTight Isolation for a Double Block and Bleed Isolation when performing hotwork and Flange Testers for testing the weld integrity with a few litres of water. These test and isolation plugs will save up to 80% of time
when completing repairs, tie-ins and hydro-tests. EST
Plugs are suitable for working pressures up to 1034 bar
and available in sizes from 1⁄2” to 42”.

Clock Spring Permanent and Temporary Composite repairs

Clock Spring is the world’s leading manufacturer of
permanent and temporary pipeline repair solutions using
composites. Clock Spring repairs are fast and economical;
with no cutting or welding required and no costly down
time. Clock Spring is designed to structurally reinforce
and permanently repair the pipeline or vessel anomaly.