Quickly Pressure Test Heat Exchanger Tubes – With the G-Series Tube Testing Guns

The Tube Testing guns are easy to operate and can be run off normal plant air.



Tube Testing Tools

G-160 Guns use readily available shop air pressure to conduct reliable testing of tubes.

Adaptable Extensions to cater for channel head distances and Air Cooled Heat Exchanger header depths.

G-160 Tube Testing Tool -Literature



Heat Exchanger Vacuum Leak Testing GunsG-250 Vacuum Leak Testing Guns

Test a large range of tube ID’s with tapered seal and washer design

Testing Gun and T-Handle are lightweight, weighing less than 2.1 lbs (1 kg)


G-450 Air Activated Tube Testing Gun is designed for testing individual straight – through heat exchanger tubes where access is limited to only one end.



Vacuum Joint Testing Gun

EST Group’s G-650 Vacuum Joint Testing Gun uses air pressure to generate a vacuum around the tube-to-tubesheet joint to pinpoint leaking connections.




Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugging System

Engineered Heat Exchanger Plug