MACAW Pipe CrackerPipeServ is supplying the  “Pipe Cracker” for cast iron pipes to the Australian Gas Companies and Contractors. The traditional method of breaking out a cast iron main has been to use a variety of handheld tools, such as a chisel and sledge hammer or crowbar, which have long been associated with OH&S concerns. Ongoing injuries have led to the banning of the old methods in favour of newer and safer options.

PipeServ offers the solution with a range of ‘MACAW’ Pipe Crackers; suitable for cast iron pipe sizes 3” – 24” diameter.  The Pipe Cracker is powered from the hydraulics of an excavator, a standard power pack or a specially designed hand pump. Using a hydraulic ram, the pipe cracking operation is much more controlled giving a safer working environment. Due to this control, it can also be used on inserted mains because once the main has been broken, the operation can be stopped immediately leaving the inserted PE undamaged. To view a short demonstration: MACAW Pipe Cracker breaking cast iron gas mains.