C200 Pipe Squeeze-Off ToolFootage Tools Inc. manufactures a range of tools for both steel and PE pipe squeeze-off. The model C200 is designed to safely and effectively squeeze-off PE pipe size 12mm – 63mm. This tool offers Remote Squeeze-Off so work can be completed using pothole method as opposed to a large excavation. The pothole can be made safely away from the leak site and pipe squeezed to stop the flow of gas; this then allows the repair crew to safely excavate and repair the gas leak. 

C200 SqueezePipeServ were pleased to assist an Australian gas company and supply them with the C200 Squeeze-Off Tool. This tool is constructed almost entirely of aircraft grade aluminium alloys, allowing for a lightweight, strong and versatile tool. The C200 incorporates a collapsible fixed handle and a detachable rotating handle for ease of storage plus a convenient carrying handle. Custom gauge plates are manufactured to suit your nominated pipe size and the C200 squeeze-off tool is supplied with an earth grounding spike for operator safety.