Faster, safer high pressure hydrostatic testing of pipe and tubing

HIGH PRESSURE PERFORMANCE: Designed for service at pressures to 5,000 psi (343 Bar).
DUAL SEAL MECHANISM: Patented design protects primary seal during installation and removal operations. Easy installation and Removal: Slip over the end of the pipe, tighten by hand or by using spanner wrenches, pressurize and begin testing. When testing is complete, relieve pressure, loosen plug and slide off the end of the pipe. Spring-loaded Gripper Sets release, easily preventing the plug from becoming stuck on the pipe. Easily Maintained: Replacement Seals and Gripper Sets are available and can be easily replaced in the fi eld. MINIMIZES INVENTORY EXPENSE: Rather than a different size ID-style plug for every pipe schedule or wall thickness combination, one OD GripTight plug serves the same purpose as several ID plugs.
SIZES: Available for all nominal pipe and tube sizes ranging from 1/4” to 4”. Metric pipe sizes available.
STANDARD MATERIALS: High strength, corrosion resistant aluminum body; hardened grips; Dual Seal mechanism is a combination urethane and fl uoroelastomer seal elements.
Until now most conventional test plugs have been limited to sealing inside the bore of the pipe or tube. EST Group’s OD GripTight® design turns the tables on that. These plugs utilize a unique self-gripping, self-sealing feature to grip and seal along the outside of the pipe or tube. Operation couldn’t be easier: Just slip the OD GripTight® onto the exposed end of the pipe or tube, tighten either by hand or with simple spanner wrenches, and begin testing. As pressure is applied, the self-gripping feature tightens the plug’s grip and the self-sealing Dual Seal mechanism continuously tightens the seal. The patented Dual Seal mechanism is designed to easily accommodate the full tolerance range for the given pipe or tube size. The primary seal does not come in contact with the pipe until the plug is tightened. This ensures that the primary seal will not be damaged during plug installation or removal.

DC8046 Literature OD Griptight