Needing to repair and replace aging fuel lines, the obvious question was how to do this with ease and minimal risk in such harsh environmental conditions. The solution was with Lokring fittings manufactured by Lokring Technology and supplied by PipeServ. These fittings are an alternative to welding and available from ¼” to 4”. They are ASME qualified for either pipeline repair or new pipe installation and available to suit a range of pipe materials.

Given the extreme low temperatures (potentially -35 Celsius), it was recommended to use the Lokring LTCS-333 Fittings which are suitable for minus 49 Celsius. Lokring fittings will be used in the construction of these fuel lines and will remove the need for welding and NDT in these harsh conditions and remote locations. The Lokring pipe fittings are available in couplings, flanges, elbows, tees, reducers, etc. New or replacement pipe can be installed in-situ without much of cost and risk associated with welding. This short movie shows the fitting installation: Lokring Fitting Installation