With Cat 1 welding currently not possible and a shutdown fast approaching. PipeServ was asked to travel to an offshore platform and conduct training of staff and contractors for the installation of Lokring fittings. With a number of pipe repairs & replacements included in the upcoming shutdown; Lokring is the preferred option for pipeline fittings/connectors. Lokring Fittings allows us the repair and/or replacement of damaged pipelines, 4” and smaller, without any hot work permits. As hot work is removed; so are many of the associated works such as welding habitats, purging, flushing and NDT.

Lokring Installer Training Lokring pipe fittings provide leak free connections for gas and liquid services. By using Lokring fittings; piping or tubing can be replaced or repaired without welding and hot works permits. Fittings are available  in carbon steel, low temp carbon steel (333), stainless steel, copper nickel (Cu-Ni) and brass. Contact PipeServ and allow us to show you how Lokring can save cost and improve safety.