Picture2With the increase in the range of Lokring (no-weld) Fittings to include 4” pipe fittings, so have the applications. This gas pipeline is in a remote location and required repair. Traditionally, this pipeline repair would require the line to be purged of all hydrocarbons prior to welding flanges for a new pipe spool.           A JSA / JHA will always ask; can the risk be removed or engineered out of the scope of work. Hot work (welding or otherwise) is always a high risk and should be removed if possible. The use of Lokring fittings can remove the need for hot work and are available to suit ¼” to 4” pipelines.

Lokring fittings are suitable for services from utilities through to hydrocarbons, low pressure to high pressure and for a range of pipe materials. Lokring is the solution and PipeServ can offer that solution.