Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugs – Engineered Tube Plugging Solution to Seal Leaking or Degrading Tubes

Curtiss-Wright EST Group offers a complete line of tube plugs (Pop-A-Plugs) and plugging systems designed for quickly preparing and plugging leaking and degraded Heat Exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes.

Pop-A-Plug® Tube Plugs are a mechanical solution that minimize installer fatigue and protect against damage to tubesheet ligaments and adjacent tubesheet joints

Key Benefits

  • Helium leak tight seal to 1 x 10-6 cc/sec
  • Plug material matches tube material preventing thermal expansion and contraction issues and/or undesirable galvanic interaction
  • Metal to metal seal will not leak or degrade like elastomer plugs
  • Accommodates Through-the-Tube Plugging™ applications
  • Lowest lifecycle cost compared to alternative tube plugging methods
  • Readily available from stock with 24/7 emergency manufacturing capability
  • Meets ASME PCC-2-2015 recommendations and EPRI criteria

Pop-A-Plug Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs are suitable for service in operating pressures up to 7,000 psi (480 Bar) and are designed to outlast the life of the unit.


  • Condensers
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Lube Oil Cooler
  • Drain Coolers
  • Floating Head Heat Exchangers
  • Reboilers
  • Boilers
  • Feedwater Heaters

PipeServ can supply qualified technicians or  train your personal onsite to be competent to install Pop-A-Plugs across a range of applications.

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