Pressure Test Polythene Pipe In Minutes – Not Hours

It’s fast and easy, when you use EST Group’s, unique GripTight PE Test Plugs. Just slip it in the open end of a section of pipe – or in the ends of a reel – and hand tighten. You’re ready to test up to 150% of maximum operating pressure. What’s more, the plug uses test pressure to energize and engage the seal and gripper, providing a safe, secure, leak-tight seal.
Compare this with using end caps or “test heads”: the pipe ends have to be squared and rounded, the test head fused to the end, and the joint has to be allowed to cool before testing can begin. All this takes place while your valuable crew stands around, waiting to go to work.
Use the GripTight PE Plug to test pipe on reels, in open trenches on installed and joined pipe sections. Or use it as a nightcap to keep open pipe ends sealed and clean overnight or during work intervals. You can also use it to maintain positive pressure on sections after they’ve been installed.

The bottom line is this:

GripTight PE Test Plugs speed up installation while reducing downtime and crew costs. The result: you install pipe faster, and that makes a difference to your bottom line.
Read the full technical specifications and ratings DC2513 Literature Griptight PE