Tube Cleaning

Condenser and Heat Exchanger tube deposits create serious issues that ultimately decrease system efficiency. Our tube cleaners can help restore your equipment to efficient operating levels.
Whether you are experiencing hard mineral deposits, biological fouling, or mud and silt, we have the solution that will best address your problem.

Metal Tube Cleaner

Condenser Cleaning

This tube cleaner is specifically designed for extremely difficult deposits and is able to outlast the competition’s designs.  The metal tube cleaner is able to remove all types of condenser tube deposits including mud, silt, slime, mineral deposits such as manganese and calcium based compounds, oxidized compounds, and various micro and macro biologic fouling.  Our patented design employs durable rubber bushings, which allow for a longer tube cleaner life expectancy of approximately 15 passes.

Plastic Tube Cleaner

 The Plastic Projectile Tube Cleaner utilizes the same design as our Metal Projectile Tube Cleaner, but comes equipped with thick polymer blades. The polymer blades are perfect for softer condenser and heat exchanger deposits such as mud, silt, and slime.

U-Tube Tube Cleaner

The U-Tube Cleaner represents a smaller version of our Metal Projectile and is specifically designed for u-tube heat exchanger cleaning.  The miniature design makes it possible to navigate tight radii found in u-tube heat exchangers.  The design also utilizes a central, delrin pin which allows for greater flexibility when bending around radiuses.


Nylon Brush

The nylon brush is perfect for softer condenser and heat exchanger tube deposits such as mud, silt, and slime. The countless number of nylon filaments ensures that softer deposits are effectively agitated and removed from each tube.  These brushes are also perfect for internally enhanced tubing in which metal projectiles may not be able to be used.  Projectile’s nylon brushes come in both finned end and bi-directional style designs.

Stainless Steel Brush

Our twisted wire stainless steel brushes are the most durable brush tube cleaners on the market.  Compared with competitors’ models, Projectile’s stainless steel brush comprises much more wire filament, which ultimately provides superior cleaning. These brushes are perfect for soft to medium condenser and heat exchanger tube deposits such as some mineral deposits and thick mud and clay deposits.  The stainless steel brush also works well with removing harder deposits from internally enhanced tubes where Metal Projectiles may not be able to be used

Plastic Tube Scrubbers

Our Plastic Tube Scrubbers are perfect for condenser and heat exchanger tubes with very minor debris such as mud, silt, and microbiological fouling.  The Plastic Tube Scrubber is the lowest cost tube cleaner type and thus is perfect for heat exchanger cleanings on a tight budget.  The Plastic Scrubber has seven hard plastic fins for scraping debris from the tube surface.


Tube Cleaning Equipment


The pumping system is used in conjunction with tube projectiles in order to remove deposit from condenser and heat exchanger tubes. The system works by increasing the available water pressure up to as much as 800 psi in order to propel mechanical projectiles and flush out tube deposits.  Although the pumping system has a maximum pressure of 800 psi, the majority of tube cleaning situations only require 300 to 450 psi.  Projectile’s pumping system is extremely user friendly and is perfect for a wide range of tube cleaning projects.