iCAM501_150558-02092014Clock Spring Contour pressure containing composite wrap was used to repair process piping and without any need for a shutdown or loss of production. This client operates a hydrocarbon process plant and internal corrosion/erosion had caused a leak on one of their pipelines; which was temporarily fixed with a Plidco leak repair clamp. On completion of a pipeline survey, significant wall loss was discovered in a number of pipe elbows and tees.

Several repair options were considered but Clock Spring was the chosen solution. PipeServ offered to supply and install Clock Spring Contour composite wrap as a long term repair and without any welding or process shutdown. Pipeline operating conditions were used to engineer a suitable repair and enable a further ten year operations. Each pipeline defect area was prepped and cleaned ready for the installation of Clock Spring Contour. All locations, including the leak, were wrapped with an engineered number of layers in Clock Spring.

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