Clock Spring – Pipeline Composite Repair – Pipeline Leak Repair

Clock Spring is the world’s leading manufacturer of pipeline repair solutions using composites. Clock Spring repairs are permanent, quick and economical; with no cutting or welding required and no costly down time.

These composite wrap products are designed to provide structural reinforcement, leak repair, and corrosion prevention for pipelines and industrial pipe-works. The  products are endorsed by peer review and third party testing.

Clock Spring repairs, once cured, make the repaired pipe stronger than the original; allowing you to continue operating at the MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure).

Clock Spring was verified through the most comprehensive pipeline repair study ever commissioned. The 10-year, $15 million study by the pipeline industry and conducted by the Gas Research Institute, makes the patented Clock Spring the most tested, investigated, and documented composite repair solution ever developed.  It is used in all environments in more than 75 countries around the world.

Clock Spring pipe repair systems are engineered in accordance Australian and International Standards (AS 2885, ASME, ISO and ASTM) as a “permanent repair system” for gas and liquid pipelines.



CLOCK SPRING   – Clock Spring Repair System – Technical Brief PDF

Clock Spring Pipeline composite repair sleeve

Clock Spring is a composite repair sleeve and reinforcement system uniquely designed for high-pressure transmission pipelines. Our strongest pipe repair, the Clock Spring, has been tested and proven up to 8,000 psi and is expected to last 50 years or longer, deeming it a permanent repair by regulators.
 Pressure Range=Unlimited
Temp = -29C to +120C
Wall Loss = Up to 80%
Pipe NB – 4″ up to 56″ 


Clock Spring contour composite Wet applied repaired system Contour is the ideal option for repairs that involve complicated geometry such as tees, flanges, and varying diameter pipe. It is regularly used in plants, refineries, tank farms, terminals, and offshore locations to repair a variety of pipe defects, including leaks.

Pressure Range=up to 48 Barg
Temp = –50C to +135C
Wall Loss = Up to 100%
Pipe NB – 3/4″ up to 56″


SNAP WRAP – Clock Spring Snap Wrap – Technical Brief PDF

Clock Spring composite reinforcment for pipesSnap Wrap is a multi-layered system of high strength, corrosion resistant fiberglass composite split sleeves, installed with a high performance adhesive and a filler material. Snap Wraps are installed easily, even in locations with tight access, and no cutting or welding is required

Pressure Range=up to 34 Barg
Temp = -29C to +120C
Wall Loss = Up to 90%
Pipe NB – 3/4″ up to 56



PIPE SUPPORT –  Clock Spring Pipe Support – Technical Brief PDF

Clock Spring Pipe Support Protection

Pipe Support is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant fiberglass composite sleeve used at any location with metal-to-metal contact or where atmospheric corrosion may occur.
Designed as a preventative measure, CS Pipe Support reduces future maintenance expenses by:
Protecting coating from abrasion
Ensuring no water collecting at contact points
The Clock Spring Pipe Support can be installed on new piping but also as a repair; if corrosion is found in these areas.
Clock Spring Crack Arrestors are designed from “high strength memory matrix” composites. Designed to stop propagating ductile fractures in gas transmission lines, during the arrest of the fracture, the Crack Arrestor is held in place by the memory matrix composite.





Benefits: increases safety, reduces  environment impact and huge cost savings

  • Business benefits include no disruption to operations, lower costs in equipment and cutting and welding, as well as the opportunity to retain tariff revenue
  • Safety benefits include no hot work, no cranes or overhead lifts, and faster time to close the ditch
  • Environmental benefits include eliminating the need to empty, depressurize or off-gas the line, ensuring no contaminants enter the environment

PipeServ can supply and install or train your personal to install CS products on pipelines, refineries and facilities across Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand

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